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FAQ about Stock Photography

Warning: Many of the answers to these
Frequently Asked Questions
are very old and outdated

  1. What is Stock Photography?

  2. Who Buys Stock Photography?

  3. What is the advantage of purchasing Stock Photography? Why not hire a photographer on assignment?

  4. What advantages do photographers have in shooting Stock Images?

  5. How long has Stock Photography been around?

  6. How has Stock Photography changed over the years?

  7. Is Stock Photography growing or decreasing in popularity?

  8. How can I get involved in producing and selling Stock Photography?

  9. What advantages are there in being represented by Stock Photography Agencies?

  10. Will a Stock Agency help me get assignments?

  11. What are the disadvantages of being represented by stock agencies?

  12. How difficult is it to get representation in a Stock Photography Library today?

  13. Will Stock Agencies accept 35mm film?

  14. What are Model and Property Releases?

  15. When do I need to have a Model Release signed?

  16. Is it true money has to change hands to make a Model or Property Release a legally binding contract?

  17. How do I write a Model Release?

  18. What advantages do photographers have representing themselves?

  19. What disadvantages do photographers have selling their own work?

  20. So who do photo-buyers prefer to deal with? Stock Photography Agencies or individual photographers?

  21. How do I choose a Stock Photography Agency?

  22. Is there a list of stock photography libraries selling images online?

  23. How do Stock Agencies choose which photographers to represent?

  24. Why would a photo buyer call an individual photographer when they can find just about anything they want from a larger Stock Photography Library?

  25. How can an independent photographer compete with the big agencies and market images on their own?

  26. How much does Stock Photography sell for?

  27. What subjects should I photograph so I can sell them as Stock Images?

  28. What can I expect to earn from shooting Stock Photography?

  29. How have computers effected the Stock Photography industry?

  30. What steps can be taken to prevent digital image files from being used illegally?

  31. What other problems are there with marketing digital images?

  32. Is there any software available to help with keywording my images?

  33. What about these royalty-free clip-photo disks that are available on the market?

  34. What advantages do photo-buyers have in using clip-photo disks?

  35. What disadvantages are there for photo-buyers using clip-photo disks?

  36. What disadvantages are there for photographers selling their images to clip-photo disk publishers?

  37. Is anyone selling Stock Photography over the Internet?

  38. I don't like this computer revolution! Can't we go back to the good old days?

  39. What benefits are there in dealing with Digital Stock?

  40. Know any good books I can buy on stock photography?

  41. Know any good software I can buy to help my stock photography business?

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