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Big Picture : The Professional Photographer's Guide to Rights, Rates & Negotiation

Published in 2000; Lou, Jr. Jacobs (Author); Writers Digest Books (Publisher);

From Library Journal: This handy book offers valuable practical advice on the business of photography, notably on negotiating fees and permissions. Although clearly of most value to professionals, the book will also appeal to amateurs wishing to earn a little extra income. With his considerable knowledge and experience, Jacobs (Selling Photographs and Selling Stock Photography) guides readers through the often confusing terrain of copyright. He also addresses the pricing of photographs, the art of negotiation (offering sample agreements and contracts), book proposals, and special-interest topics, such as portrait and wedding photography, photography as fine art, and photography in the digital age. Separate chapters are devoted to working with different types of clients: editorial, advertising, stock, commercial studio, and corporate. The book concludes with a listing of sources of information, including books for further reading and professional organizations. This useful and reasonably priced book is recommended for all libraries.

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