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STOCKPHOTO Discussion Group

The STOCKPHOTO Discussion Group has been set up for professional stock photographers, stock photography libraries, stock photo-buyers, and others with an interest in the stock photography industry to participate in an open global discussion on topics of professional interest. These topics can include stock photography trends, subject needs, business practices, copyright and other legal issues, new technology, or just about anything that relates to the stock photography industry.

The STOCKPHOTO discussion group is moderated and contributions may not be accepted or may be edited if they do not satisfy the following criteria:

  1. The subject of the post should be directly related to the stock photography industry. There are literally thousands of different photography forums available through Yahoo Groups alone covering every facet imaginable about photography. Make sure you are posting your messages to the appropriate groups.

  2. Every question posted should be fresh and original, and not one for which an answer can be easily found in our either our FAQ or the Discussion Archives.

  3. The language you use must be of a professional and constructive nature. Personal attacks against others will not be tolerated.

  4. Contributions should be progressive and contain new information. Posts that merely repeat what has already been stated may not be distributed. Furthermore, the STOCKPHOTO discussion group is not to be used as a soap box by individuals who are only interested in ranting repeatedly about their favorite pet issue.

  5. Advertising and/or self promotion is strictly forbidden. It's perfectly okay to recommend a good product or service that you have no affiliation with, but posting a blatant advertisement about yourself is NOT permitted. It will be considered reasonable for someone to RESPOND to a SPECIFIC request made about a product you sell, but the response should be limited to a brief description about the product or service with any detailed inquiries, including pricing, etc. directed OFF the list.

  6. Any file attachments that are sent to the group will be automatically deleted before the message is distributed. If you would like to share a non-promotional image or file with the group for discussion purposes, consider using our Yahoo Groups based files page or photos page instead.

  7. As a courtesy to other contributors, you are expected to sign your name to your posts.

  8. Posts made on the STOCKPHOTO list are copyrighted by their authors. Therefore, reproduction of STOCKPHOTO posts require permission of each author.

Contributors who repeatedly refuse to comply with these posting rules may be banned from the STOCKPHOTO discussion group, as they are often more maintenance than they are worth. On the other hand, STOCKPHOTO subscribers who can repeatedly demonstrate their ability to post within these rules may be allowed to freely post without moderation to facilitate a more timely distribution of their valuable contributions.

Think of the STOCKPHOTO discussion group as being an electronic version of a stock photography conference. In real life, it would be considered out of place for anyone to hog the microphone, make blatant plugs for themselves, or ramble on excessively off the subject. Please remember this when you are contributing to the STOCKPHOTO discussion group.

For more information about suitable posting behavior, please read Arlene Rinaldi's Netiquette Guide. Too many aggressive, irrelevant, unprofessional, or repetitive postings will result in the withdrawal of participation among the professionals in the group who don't have time for such banter, but do potentially have the most to contribute.

If you have any questions about these policies, please contact the List Owner.

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How to Subscribe & Unsubscribe to STOCKPHOTO:

To get a free subscription to The STOCKPHOTO Network Discussion List, or cancel your existing subscription, simply visit or send an empty e-mail to the appropriate address:


In addition to electronic mail, the STOCKPHOTO Network discussions are now taking place through the bit.listproc.stockphoto moderated newsgroup, which echoed through Google Groups. If you are planning to regularly contribute to The STOCKPHOTO Network discussion, it is recommended that you "subscribe" to the discussion list and post directly to our posting address. If you are more interested in just reading what others have to say, it is recommended that you read The STOCKPHOTO Network contributions from the newsgroup or Google Groups.

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